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Disinformation and its discontents

When factual information comes under attack, societies head into Orwellian waters. OECD’s Andreas Schleicher and Molly Lesher discuss disinformation and other forms of “untruths” and how to get the measure of a tenacious and elusive phenomenon. Societies can tackle harmful information through citizen- and AI-driven fact-checking and content tagging. Platforms can boost transparency and collaborate with governments to tamp down fake news and synthetic media. But the best defence of all is educating people to question and check information for themselves. Because for contemporary democracy to survive and thrive, it needs digitally literate citizens.


Keywords: disinformation, democracy, skills, citizenship, information, Education, misinformation, digital literacy

All podcasts express the opinions of the interview subjects and do not necessarily represent the official views of the OECD and/or OECD Member countries.

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