Developing Minds in the Digital Age

Towards a Science of Learning for 21st Century Education

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

This book highlights new scientific research about how people learn, including interdisciplinary perspectives from neuroscience, the social, cognitive and behavioural sciences, education, computer and information sciences, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and engineering. These new developments offer fascinating new perspectives, based on technological advances, which enable a re-examination of longstanding problems in learning, raise new questions, and offer new approaches to the study of learning. This report seeks to catalyse discussions on the implications of these research findings for education practice and policy, and in turn, on how knowledge and experience from real-world education practice and policy could challenge and inform research agendas and theory building.

10 Apr 2019 260 pages English 9789264634312 (PDF) 9789264406964 (HTML) 9789264723016 (EPUB)

Author(s): Patricia K. Kuhli, Soo-Siang Limii, Sonia Guerrieroiii and Dirk Van Dammeiv iUniversity of Washington
iiNational Science Foundation
iiiUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization