TALIS Teaching and learning international survey - indicators (Edition 2021)

Teaching and learning international survey (TALIS) asks a representative sample of teachers and schools in each country about their working conditions and the learning environments. TALIS aims to provide valid, timely and comparable information on education resources to help countries review and define policies for developing a high-quality teaching profession. It is an opportunity for teachers and school leaders to provide input into educational policy analysis and development in key areas.

Lower secondary teachers and leaders of schools in 200 schools per country/economy were randomly selected (20 teachers and 1 school leader per school). Some 107 000 lower secondary teachers responded to the survey, representing more than 4 million teachers in over 30 participating countries and economies.

TALIS averages are based on all countries participating in the TALIS survey, including partner countries and economies. This explains the difference between the OECD average and the TALIS average.


Keywords: TALIS, school environment, Teaching, education, learning, school