Community Education and Training in South Africa

image of Community Education and Training in South Africa

Adult learning systems play a crucial role in helping people adapt to the changing world of work and develop relevant skills. Community Education and Training has been brought forward as a possible way to foster adult learning in South Africa, especially among disadvantaged groups. South Africa has a relatively large group of adults who have low levels of education and skills, and limited opportunities for skills development. This report looks at the potential role that Community Education and Training could play in South Africa, how the system should be financed, how to align the training offer with community needs, and how to ensure high-quality provision. The report provides international good practise examples and suggests actions that South African stakeholders might consider to develop the Community Education and Training system.




Under the impulse of global megatrends, such as technological progress and globalisation, the demand for and supply of skills has undergone substantial changes in recent decades. These changes can result in skills imbalances which can have strongly negative consequences for individuals, firms and societies. Individuals whose skills are not in demand in the labour market could face prolonged periods of joblessness, increasing the risk of poverty. When skills imbalances in the labour market are big, firms can have persistent difficulties in finding the right people, which could negatively affect their productivity. For societies as a whole, these imbalances could have a negative impact on growth and the overall well-being of the country.


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