Closing the Gap for Immigrant Students

Policies, Practice and Performance

image of Closing the Gap for Immigrant Students

OECD has conducted policy reviews of migrant education in Austria, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden and has examined the migrant education experience in many countries. This book offers comparative data on access, participation and performance of immigrant students and their native peers and identifies a set of policy options based on solid evidence of what works.

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Executive Summary

Net migration to OECD countries has tripled since 1960. Today, immigrant students comprise 10 to 20% of the student population in many OECD countries. Some countries have long histories of immigration; others have experienced an unprecedented increase in the last decade. Immigration is a local phenomenon, and there are large variations in the geographic distribution of immigrant students; however, teaching immigrant students is becoming an important part of the reality facing teachers every day.

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