Chile's International Scholarship Programme

image of Chile's International Scholarship Programme

Chile has long considered education as a central priority and as key for its economic development. Over the past two decades the country has made great strides to increase the numbers of young people entering tertiary education. In 2008 Chile embarked on a bold initiative to develop its human capital with a scholarship abroad scheme – the Becas Chile Programme – which aims to train 30 000 outstanding students including teachers and technicians in institutions of their choice around the world.

This joint OECD and World Bank report gives an overview of human capital development in Chile; describes features of the Becas Chile Programme; analyses the strategic and operational issues; and recommends ways to maintain and fine-tune the scholarship abroad scheme. This report will be useful for both Chilean education professionals and their international counterparts.

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Operational and Institutional Challenges

This chapter highlights the operational and institutional challenges facing the Becas Chile Programme (BCP). First, the programme’s current legal and administrative framework is outlined. Next, an account of operational problems and possible solutions are illustrated. Particular emphasis is made on the applicant evaluation and selection process. The ambiguity of Becas Chile’s institutional roles and responsibilities are analysed, highlighting the implications for governance, day-to-day operations and inter-agency co-ordination. Concerning Becas Chile’s role in activities related to the development of advanced human capital, proposals are made after an in-depth review.

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