Building a High-Quality Teaching Profession

Lessons from around the World

image of Building a High-Quality Teaching Profession

This report presents the best current evidence about what can make teacher-oriented reforms effective and points to examples of reforms that have produced specific results, show promise or illustrate imaginative ways of implementing change. Its four chapters cover recruitment and initial preparation of teachers; teacher development, support, careers and employment conditions; teacher evaluation and compensation; and teacher engagement in education reform.



This publication has underlined the importance of developing a central role for teachers in educational change. Successful countries have shown how a teaching profession that assumes a high level of responsibility and is well rewarded can attract some of the best graduates into a teaching career. Indeed, a striking contrast between the teaching profession in different countries is its status and the caliber of its recruits. Dramatically increasing the quality and prestige of a nation’s teaching corps is far from easy and cannot be done overnight. However, the many examples of reforms in this publication that have produced specific results, shown promise or that have illustrated imaginative ways of implementing change, show that the challenges can be successfully addressed. They include measures at the recruitment stage, but more importantly involve transforming the teaching profession from within. Highly qualified graduates are unlikely to be attracted to teaching if they see an existing teaching corps with low skill levels that are not trusted to act as professionals.


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