Benchmarking Higher Education System Performance

image of Benchmarking Higher Education System Performance

The scope of contemporary higher education is wide, and concerns about the performance of higher education systems are widespread. The number of young people with a higher education qualification is expected to surpass 300 million in OECD and G20 countries by 2030. Higher education systems are faced with challenges that include expanding access, containing costs, and ensuring the quality and relevance of provision. The project on benchmarking higher education system performance provides a comprehensive and empirically rich review of the higher education landscape across OECD countries, taking stock of how well they are performing in meeting their education, research and engagement responsibilities.


Engagement with the wider world

This chapter focuses on one of the three main functions of higher education – engagement with society. Engagement in higher education encompasses various roles and functions and involves a wide range of stakeholders, including business and industry, the public sector, the social economy and civil society. This chapter discusses how higher education engagement activities can work to build human capital, contribute to innovation and support wider social, economic, cultural and environmental development.


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