OECD Education Policy Perspectives

The OECD Directorate for Education and Skills helps countries compare their education policies and experiences, and learn from each other through large scale assessment and surveys and comparative policy analysis. This policy papers series presents analysis for policy makers, practitioners and researchers on a wide range of policy issues covered at OECD: from pre-primary to higher education, from policy design to implementation, from student performance and well-being, to teacher training and practices, to school resources.


An implementation framework for effective change in schools

This Education Policy Perspectives analyses the different dimensions of education policy implementation and provides a framework to help policy makers make concrete changes to their education system. It proposes actions to consider when designing education policies to reachschools effectively and improve student learning.

The framework recognises that education policy has become more complex and requires balancing traditional top-down implementation processes with more bottom-up approaches that leave room for co-construction and local adaptation. It suggests that to accomplish education change in schools, policy makers need to shape a coherent, actionable and well-communicated implementation strategy that engages stakeholders early on and takes into account the environment as part of the policy design process.

The framework is part of the Implementing Education Policies Programme of the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills. Building on its knowledge of education policy making across education systems internationally, the programme offers comparative knowledge, peer learning opportunities, and tailored support for countries to help them achieve success in the implementation of their education policies and reforms in the 21st century.


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