Trends Shaping Education Spotlights

Trends Shaping Education Spotlights is a series of briefs bringing together global megatrends, academic research and concrete policy examples to support strategic thinking in education. Using a multidisciplinary lens and a visual and concise format, this is a series directed at a broad audience, including policy makers, principals and teachers, researchers and parents and students.


All the lonely people

Education and loneliness

Everyone feels lonely some of the time. However, chronic loneliness can impair learning, affect physical and mental health, and is even linked to early death. Loneliness is thus not only a personal matter; it is a public health concern.

Schools provide spaces and opportunities for friendships. By bringing together students from different backgrounds, education can help forge connections across social groups, strengthen social skills and provide access to activities that are meaningful over a lifetime. It can also build skills needed to prevent or break the negative thought processes associated with chronic loneliness.


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