Adult Learning in Italy

What Role for Training Funds ?

image of Adult Learning in Italy

While Italy has made major progress in the past decade to up-skill its population and workers, further efforts are needed to improve access to good quality adult learning opportunities. Training funds represent one important tool through which Italy could face the pressures brought about by the mega-trends, and equip adults and workers with the skills needed to thrive in the labour market and society. This report analyses how training funds are designed, used, and monitored, and provides actionable policy recommendations to ensure that they are put to their most effective use.



Increasing training participation and inclusiveness

A large and growing number of firms and workers are covered by Training Funds. However, certain firms (e.g. SMEs) may still face substantial barriers in adhering to/using the schemes, and training may not reach the most vulnerable workers (e.g. the low-skilled, older people). This Chapter looks at the barriers (e.g. administrative, time-related, financial) that can undermine the access to and use of Training Funds and highlights potential mechanisms to make the scheme more inclusive.


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