The Space Economy at a Glance 2014

image of The Space Economy at a Glance 2014

The space sector plays an increasingly pivotal role in the functioning of modern societies and their economic development as the use of satellite technology gives rise to new applications, uses and markets. Space Economy at a Glance offers a statistical overview of the global space sector and its contributions to economic activity using data from over 40 countries with space programmes, and identifies new dynamics in the space sector.



Early warning of risks and hazards

Efficiency and productivity gains derived from the use of space applications are becoming more visible across very diverse sectors of the economy, although experiences in estimating impacts vary across countries. From agriculture to energy, and routine surveillance, institutional actors and private companies are increasingly using satellite signals and imagery in geospatial tools. Satellites can also play a key role in providing communications infrastructure rapidly to areas lacking any ground infrastructure, contributing to link rural and isolated areas with urbanised centres.


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