The Space Economy at a Glance 2014

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The space sector plays an increasingly pivotal role in the functioning of modern societies and their economic development as the use of satellite technology gives rise to new applications, uses and markets. Space Economy at a Glance offers a statistical overview of the global space sector and its contributions to economic activity using data from over 40 countries with space programmes, and identifies new dynamics in the space sector.



Aerospace trade

The aerospace sector accounts for about 35% of total OECD exports in goods, with OECD economies still representing 90% of the global aerospace export market shares. The OECD countries exported aerospace goods for a total value of about USD 309 billion in 2012, and imported goods for USD 194 billion. The main OECD exporting countries were the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, which are homes to 16 of the 20 top global aerospace and defence manufacturers. The United States, France and Germany were also the top importers of aerospace goods, followed by the United Kingdom, China and the United Arab Emirates. Asia and the Middle East are particularly homes to rapidly growing airlines, with air traffic inside China projected to grow annually by almost 8%, (Boeing, 2013). Few countries export more aerospace final goods (e.g. entire aircraft and satellites) than intermediate goods (e.g. aircraft and satellite components, propulsion equipment), and those that do tend to be among the top exporters. The importance of intermediate goods and services in trade is growing. In 2012, the biggest exporters of intermediate products were the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Singapore, while the biggest importers of intermediate products where the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Some 18 countries showed a positive aerospace trade balance in 2012, with the United States, France and Germany having an aerospace trade surplus of more than USD 20 billion. Ireland and Japan are the OECD countries with the highest negative trade balances. The negative aerospace trade balance of China amounted in 2012 to USD 18 billion. Some details in trade for selected countries can be found in Chapter  (country profiles).



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