The Marshall Plan

Lessons Learned for the 21st Century

image of The Marshall Plan

This book examines the historical, diplomatic, economic, and strategic aspects of the European Recovery Program (ERP) - popularly known as the Marshall Plan - which brought Europe out of the chaos, hunger, poverty, desperation, and ashes of World War II. In it, authors from a variety of countries who are scholars, policy makers, and business leaders,  address applications of the Marshall Plan’s lessons learned to the 21st century for capacity building, human and sustainable development, and the role of public, private partnerships in emerging market economies and democratic societies.


Part II. Human, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Open Market Economies, and Democratic Societies

For someone who is not an historian, and was only a child when the Marshall Plan helped Europe rebuild itself, it may seem awkward to write about it. Of course, I have been very much interested in the project passionately advocated by Candice Nancel to restore the prestigious Hôtel de Talleyrand, and I learned more about George C Marshall when my wife’s uncle, Bernard Pujo, wrote his first French biography (Pujo, 2003). But this is hardly a qualification to discuss the historical significance of the Marshall Plan.


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