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The Contribution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

The link between ICTs and MDGs is currently a key subject for debate.  This paper has drawn on a number of recent works including OECD/DAC (2004), GICT (2003), plans of UNICT Task force, among others. Many agencies are now focusing attention on the linkages between investment in ICTs and fulfilling the MDGs, and after many years of pilot projects the focus of ICT interventions seems to be in mainstreaming strategies.   Given the number of recent papers, what is distinctive about this paper?  This paper seeks to draw out the key messages from recent work, with due regard to the degree of confidence we have in those messages, and provide a challenging basis for discussion among donors on how best to take this work forward in an effective and co-ordinated way...


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