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Working papers from the Economics Department of the OECD that cover the full range of the Department’s work including the economic situation, policy analysis and projections; fiscal policy, public expenditure and taxation; and structural issues including ageing, growth and productivity, migration, environment, human capital, housing, trade and investment, labour markets, regulatory reform, competition, health, and other issues.

The views expressed in these papers are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the OECD or of the governments of its member countries.

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The 2018 edition of the OECD PMR indicators and database: Methodological improvements and policy insights

This paper presents the latest edition of the OECD indicators of product market regulation (PMR), which measure regulatory stance in 35 OECD and 11 non-OECD countries. This update is based on a new methodology, which has been implemented to ensure that the PMR indicators maintain their relevance in the context of evolving insights from economic theory, modifications in the economic and business environment, and changes in the practice of regulation. The results show that most OECD countries have a regulatory stance that is reasonably competition-friendly, while the 11 non-OECD countries lag behind, though there is considerable variety across them.


Keywords: product market regulation
JEL: L9: Industrial Organization / Industry Studies: Transportation and Utilities; D4: Microeconomics / Market Structure, Pricing, and Design; L2: Industrial Organization / Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior; L1: Industrial Organization / Market Structure, Firm Strategy, and Market Performance; L8: Industrial Organization / Industry Studies: Services; L5: Industrial Organization / Regulation and Industrial Policy; K23: Law and Economics / Regulation and Business Law / Regulated Industries and Administrative Law; L3: Industrial Organization / Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise
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