Space Technologies and Climate Change

Implications for Water Management, Marine Resources and Maritime Transport

image of Space Technologies and Climate Change

This book examines the contributions that space technologies can make in tackling some of the serious problems posed by climate change. Focusing on examples of water management, marine resources and maritime transport, it sets out the rationale for further developing satellite systems to measure and monitor climate change and help mitigate its consequences. The report underlines the need to consider satellites not just as research and development systems, but as an important component of a critical communication- and information-based infrastructure for modern societies. The tool box for decision makers that concludes the book reviews different methodological options for deciding on investments in space-based earth observation.



Tool Box for Policy Makers: Costs, Benefits and Investment Decisions

Investment in space systems must be sustained in order to meet the challenges of climate change, natural resources management and activities that affect the environment, such as maritime transport. However, it cannot be taken for granted that the funding will be forthcoming, not least because cost-benefit evaluations of future investments are far from straightforward. This chapter suggests how improvements might be made to the policy makers’ tool box for assessing and deciding on space-related investments. The first section discusses some key notions useful for defining space programmes (e.g. R&D, infrastructure, notion of costs); a second reviews methodologies used to evaluate benefits of space programmes in more detail, using specific case studies as illustrations; a third section develops an innovative infrastructure approach; and a final section provides prospective views on the use of risk management approaches for decision making in the field of space investments.


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