Space 2030

Tackling Society's Challenges

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This book explores the contribution space systems might make in dealing with looming societal challenges related to threats to the physical environment and the management of natural resources, growing mobility and its consequences, increasing security concerns, and the shift to the information society. It discusses the challenges for developing space applications. It assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks that currently govern space activities in the OECD area and beyond. Finally, it formulates an overall policy framework that OECD governments might use in drafting policies designed to ensure that the potential that space has to offer is actually realised.

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Main Findings and Recommendations

This chapter summarises the most important lessons learned throughout the project and draws from these findings a number of recommendations for the attention of decision makers. In a nutshell, the main conclusion is that the space sector has indeed a promising longer-term future, but that this potential will not be fulfilled unless governments take decisive action to improve the framework conditions governing space activities. This provides the basis for outlining in the balance of the chapter three sets of complementary measures that should help ensure that socially useful space solutions are developed and contribute fully to addressing major societal challenges in coming decades. These include: i) measures designed to implement an efficient, robust and sustainable space infrastructure; ii) measures to foster greater public use of space solutions, when it is cost-effective to do so; and iii) measures to encourage private-sector actors to participate more fully in the development and operation of space systems, by creating a more business-friendly environment for space at both national and international levels.

English Also available in: French

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