Space 2030

Tackling Society's Challenges

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This book explores the contribution space systems might make in dealing with looming societal challenges related to threats to the physical environment and the management of natural resources, growing mobility and its consequences, increasing security concerns, and the shift to the information society. It discusses the challenges for developing space applications. It assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks that currently govern space activities in the OECD area and beyond. Finally, it formulates an overall policy framework that OECD governments might use in drafting policies designed to ensure that the potential that space has to offer is actually realised.

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A Scenario-based Exploration of the Future of Space Applications

 In order to assess the long-term demand for space applications, a scenario-based approach is used to explore the role that space – military, civil and commercial – might play in alternative visions of the future, with a 30-year timeframe. The scenarios take into account the interaction of three main drivers of societal change: geopolitical, economic and environmental. The results (published in full in Space 2030: Exploring the Future of Space Applications) suggest that demand is likely to be high across a range of very different alternative futures. This is partly because military space is likely to play an important role in all scenarios. But civil and commercial space applications were also found to have generally favourable prospects, primarily because they are expected to be increasingly needed to tackle many of the world’s social, economic and environmental problems. Moreover, the development of non-military applications (civil and commercial) will be influenced by the evolution of military space because of the dual use nature (civil/ military) of space technology.

English Also available in: French

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