Short-term Economic Indicators

Transition Economies - Supplement 4/1997

This quarterly publication complements the OECD Main Economic Indicators. It presents a wide range of monthly, quarterly and annual economic indicators covering such topics as industrial production, business surveys, construction, employment, earnings, prices, domestic and foreign finance, interest rates and domestic and foreign trade for the following 18 transition countries: Bulgaria Slovak Republic Kazakstan Tajikistan Estonia Slovenia Kyrgyz Republic Turkmenistan Latvia Armenia Moldova Ukraine Lithuania Azerbaijan Russian Federation Uzbekistan Romania Belarus Included in this issue: Annex on Labour Market Indicators Available on Diskette This supplement is the final edition of the series Short-term Economic Indicators: Transition Economies in the current format. The OECD plans to release a new publication containing a more restricted number of short-term economic indicators for key non-OECD countries on a monthly basis. The new publication is scheduled for release in the first half of 1998.

English, French