Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis

The Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis has been discontinued as of 24 June 2016. This journal was published jointly with CIRET from 2004 to 2015. For more information see www.ciret.org/jbcy.


Improving Timeliness for Short-Term Economic Statistics

Effective business cycle analysis, and indeed the monitoring of a countries economic performance from a policy perspective, requires access to timely high quality short-term economic statistics (STES). Consequently in recent years there has been a lot of pressure on national statistics organisations (NSOs) to better serve their users by improving the timeliness of release for their short-term economic indicators. In response to this demand, NSOs have focused on improving the efficiency and methodology of their statistical production processes. So this begs the question: where would one look to find comprehensive documentation on good practices used by NSOs to improve the timeliness of their short-term economic statistics? The answer is the STES Timeliness Framework, a structured collection of documentation on a range of good practices currently used by NSOs for improving timeliness, reducing costs or improving accuracy for short-term economic statistics. This report outlines the principles behind the development of this framework, explains its structure and reviews its current usage by statisticians.


Keywords: Reducing Cost, Timeliness, Short Term Economic Statistics
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