Promoting Inclusive Growth

Challenges and Policies

image of Promoting Inclusive Growth

This volume discusses several policy challenges facing countries to achieve and sustain inclusive growth. The volume is based on the proceedings of a conference co-organised by the OECD Economics Department and the World Bank on 24-25 March 2011, which brought together academics and practitioners from advanced, emerging-market and developing economies. While discussions on strong growth typically focus on the pace of economic expansion, those on inclusiveness also delve into the patterns of growth and on how its benefits are shared among the various social groups. An important message that came out of the conference is that strong growth is not necessarily inclusive and that policy action is needed to make sure that pro-growth initiatives also foster inclusiveness.



Making green sources of growth more inclusive

A Green Growth Strategy pursues economic growth combined with significant improvements in environmental quality and sustainable resource use. Such a policy requires a shift in production and consumption, which is potentially costly for major production sectors, certain types of households or entire economies. Technological change can reduce the cost but the extent of cost reductions depends on the nature of knowledge spillovers and technology policies. With appropriate burden-sharing rules and complementary policies, low-income groups and countries can gain, thus making green growth inclusive. We discuss several aspects of the mechanisms behind inclusive green growth and the policies that could support it.


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