OECD Style Guide

Third Edition

image of OECD Style Guide

This third edition of the OECD Style Guide is designed to help draft and organise published material so that readers can easily navigate, understand and access OECD analysis, statistics and information. It does so by 1) providing basic guidelines that meet the needs of our mostly online audiences, 2) offering tips on good writing, and 3) setting out the standards and conventions that should be used to ensure coherence and clarity across all OECD information, on all communications platforms.

The OECD Style Guide: Third Edition is currently being updated to align with the OECD’s new authoring environment (O.N.E Author). If you have any questions while drafting or editing content, please email: [email protected].

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Italic and roman type

Italic type (slanted to the right) should be used sparingly. It is harder to read than roman type, both in print and on screen, and overuse reduces its utility as a means of emphasis or contrast.

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