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Emission Scenario Document for Insecticides for Stables and Manure Storage Systems

This Emission Scenario Document (ESD) addresses active substances for insecticides, acaricides and products to control other arthropods (in the EU, “product type 18”), used in animal housing and manure storage systems. Biocidal products marketed as insecticides are used in many different applications. They may be used in buildings, outdoors, in sewer systems and for veterinary purposes in animal housings Van Dokkum et al., 1998). The emission scenarios of insecticides for manure storage systems and for stables are connected closely to those of veterinary hygiene biocidal products (the EU “product type 3”). For this product type and for veterinary medicinal products, several reports have been published already (Montfoort et al., 1996; Montforts, 1999; Van der Linden, 2000). In specific cases, there may be borderline cases with food and feeding area disinfectants (the EU “product type 4”), veterinary medicinal products (the EU “product type 3”) or wood preservatives (the EU “product type 8”). This can occur if a biocide is used for more than one purpose. This is, for example, the case when a biocide is often used as an insecticide in animal housings, as a preservative in feed (disinfectant) and as a medicinal product against external parasites for chickens.


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