2013 Volume 2013, Issue 5

This fourth edition of the OECD Yearbook takes a close look at some of the key challenges that have resulted from nearly seven years of global economic turmoil. Does widening inequality affect growth and what can be done about it? Are we making progress in measuring well-being, rather than just productivity and growth? Is there such a thing as a caring economy? Where will a sustainable, job-rich recovery come from? What policies can be developed to harness the talents and potential of younger and older workers? How can we arrest declining trust in our institutions? What role could taxation play in rebuilding that trust?

In the 2014 OECD Yearbook, OECD experts are joined by leaders from government, business, labour, academia and civil society to examine these and other key questions facing our societies today.

06 Jun 2014 91 pages English Also available in: French


Author(s): OECD