2008 OECD Economic Surveys: Turkey 2008

image of OECD Economic Surveys: Turkey 2008

This 2008 edition of OECD's periodic survey of Turkey's economy examines new challenges facing the Turkish economy including shifting to a pro-growth fiscal policy, monetary policy and inflation, and enhancing competitiveness by fostering the growth of the formal sector. This publication includes StatLinks, URLs linking tables and charts to Excel® spreadsheet versions via the internet.

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Enhancing competitiveness by fostering the growth of the formal sector

The Turkish business sector’s successful post-crisis performance has come under strain. Mounting competition from low-cost countries and strong real currency appreciation – until the early months of 2008 – have together undermined the performance of the trade-exposed sector, in particular of the segments dependent on low-skilled labour and domestic inputs. The resulting competitive squeeze gradually spilled-over to trade-sheltered activities, slowing down GDP growth.

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