2017 OECD Economic Surveys: Slovenia 2017

The economy is experiencing a strong recovery after a prolonged period of low growth following the international financial and domestic banking crises.  The current economic prosperity reflects a combination of recent structural reforms, business restructuring, supportive monetary conditions and improved export markets. A downside is that unemployment consists increasingly of low-skilled and older workers who are unable to fill emerging labour shortages. In addition, long-run growth prospects are hindered by a rapidly ageing population and low productivity growth, partly linked to product market issues.  The 2017 Survey makes key policy recommendations to secure fiscal sustainability through pension and health care reform. In addition, the Survey recommends measures to enhance economic growth by boosting investment incentives in human and physical capital. Such investments will improve the skills and adaptability of the Slovenian workforce and promote competitive firms, fostering faster productivity growth and higher living standards for all Slovenians by ensuring more inclusive growth.


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