2006 OECD Economic Surveys: Poland 2006

image of OECD Economic Surveys: Poland 2006

This edition of OECD's periodic review of Poland's economy finds that growth has strengthened again in Poland, but that higher rates of investment, further structural change, and improved labour and education policies are required to sustain this growth. After analysing the key economic challenges Poland faces, this Survey assesses monetary and exchange rate policies, examines what is needed to achieve fiscal sustainability, and looks at how Poland can boost and adapt human capital through improved education. It closes with at chapter on structural adjustment covering sectoral reallocation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and labour market reform.

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Assessment and Recommendations

Entering the European Union in May 2004 gave an important boost to the Polish economy. GDP per head is currently under 45% of the EU average, but the long process of convergence has resumed. Although growth waned somewhat during 2005 when real GDP rose by only 3.2%, current prospects are for annual growth of 4½ per cent during 2006-07. EU funds will make an important contribution to improving public infrastructure and support policy in several other areas, provided they are used effectively.

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