2013 OECD Economic Surveys: Italy 2013

image of OECD Economic Surveys: Italy 2013

OECD's 2013 Economic Survey of Italy examines recent economic developments, policy and prospects. Its special chapter examines policy implemention: legislation, public administration and rule of law.

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Structural reforms in Italy: Impact and priorities

To lift Italy’s economic performance, the government has legislated reform measures in many areas: the pension system, the tax system, product markets, the labour market, the public administration, and the rule of law. These structural reforms have mostly been in line with previous OECD recommendations. They should be fully and consistently implemented. Overall, once implemented, they are expected to have a positive effect on GDP. Among the priorities for the future should be to continue to promote greater competition in product markets, to improve the education system and incentives for innovation, to enhance the inclusiveness of the labour market, and to broaden tax bases through a comprehensive reduction of tax expenditures.

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