2016 OECD Economic Surveys: Germany 2016

image of OECD Economic Surveys: Germany 2016

This 2016 OECD Economic Survey of the Germany examines recent economic developments, policies and prospects. The special chapters cover: Boosting investment performance and Raising well-being in Germany’s aging society.

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Executive summary

The economy has steadily recovered from the 2008 global crisis and, thanks to past reforms, the labour market has proved strong. Labour productivity growth hasweakened and productivity is low in services. Germany has high material living standards, low income inequality and scores well in most dimensions of well-being. Despite substantial progress, there still are gaps in childcare and full-day schooling. Disincentives to work full-time in the tax system also contribute to low earnings of women as many work part-time. In recent years many low-income households have not benefited from economic growth and investment.

English German, French


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