2006 OECD Economic Surveys: Czech Republic 2006

image of OECD Economic Surveys: Czech Republic 2006

This 2006 edition of OECD's periodic review of the Czech economy finds that economic growth prospects have improved and that monetary conditions are good, but that much work is needed in public spending reform, improving the labour market, and enhancing the business environment. Special chapters examine pension reform, fiscal sustainability of state and municipal governments, modernising the education system, and boosting innovation.

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Improving the labour market: getting education right for long-term growth

Widening the skills base and improving labour-market efficiency requires the support of good education. This chapter describes the structure of the education system, identifies weaknesses and considers ways to improve performance in light of the ongoing rapidly expanding demand for tertiary level education. The chapter discusses ways to modernise the public universities, including the introduction of tuition fees and strengthening co-operation between universities and enterprises. It also suggests mechanisms to widen access to secondary general education and to help the creation of a secondary school system better geared towards increasing tertiary-level enrolment. The chapter also considers ways for improving lifelong learning opportunities, for example through better frameworks for qualifications. The challenges in finding room in education budgets for co-financing the allocations of the 2007-13 European Union budget are also discussed.

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