OECD Economic Survey of Costa Rica: Research Findings on Productivity

image of OECD Economic Survey of Costa Rica: Research Findings on Productivity

This volume collects four studies that were prepared as background research to the 2018 OECD Economic Survey of Costa Rica. Using firm-level, trade and sectorial data, these studies seek to provide insights into the trends in productivity and its determinants in Costa Rica. This volume represents a collaborative effort by a team of researchers from the OECD Secretariat and official agencies of Costa Rica.




Setting the scene: An overview of Costa Rica's productivity performance

This chapter sets the scene by providing an overview of Costa Rica’s productivity performance. After historically sluggish productivity growth, Costa Rica has been slowly converging towards OECD countries over the last decade. This acceleration has been broad based and represents a structural shift towards higher productivity growth. However, GDP per capita levels remain significantly lower than high-income countries, reflecting low levels of productivity. While this chapter is limited to analysing aggregate- and industry-level data, the remaining chapters of this book provide greater insights into specific aspects of Costa Rica’s performance, with a particular focus on the use of microdata. As international productivity research has demonstrated, this allows the analysis to go beyond the aggregates to provide deeper insights into the underlying drivers of productivity patterns.


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