2023 OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2023 Issue 1

image of OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2023 Issue 1

Global economic developments have begun to improve, helped by lower energy prices, improving business and consumer sentiment, and the reopening of China. However, the OECD Economic Outlook highlights that the upturn is fragile and the recovery is set to remain weak by past standards, with the effects of tighter monetary policy increasingly being felt. The Outlook underlines a range of risks, including the possibility that inflation could prove more persistent than projected and that the impact of higher interest rates on financial markets and economic activity could be stronger than expected. Well-calibrated policy measures are required to unwind the impact of the recent sequence of negative shocks to the global economy, restore economic stability, and strengthen prospects for strong, inclusive and sustainable improvements in living standards.

This issue includes an assessment of the global economic situation, a chapter on promoting gender equality to strengthen economic growth and resilience and a chapter summarising developments and providing projections for each individual country. Coverage is provided for all OECD members as well as for selected partner economies.

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Editorial: Um longo caminho sinuoso

A economia global está a mudar de rumo, mas ainda enfrenta um longo caminho pela frente para alcançar um crescimento forte e sustentável. O crescimento do PIB global desacelerou significativamente ao longo de 2022, mas vários fatores negativos estão agora a dissipar-se. A queda dos preços da energia e da inflação global, a redução dos gargalos na oferta e a reabertura da economia da China, além da alta na taxa de emprego e relativa resiliência das finanças domésticas, contribuem para uma expectativa de recuperação. No entanto, a recuperação não terá tanta força como observado no passado. Projetamos um crescimento de 2,7% em 2023, com uma ligeira aceleração para 2,9% em 2024, valores bem abaixo da taxa média de crescimento na década anterior à pandemia de COVID-19.

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