2009 OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2009 Issue 1

image of OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2009 Issue 1
This June 2009 issue of OECD's twice-yearly OECD Economic Outlook provides analysis of recent economic developments and economic projections for OECD and major non-OECD countries through the end of 2010. Its comprehensive statistical annex is a useful reference tool for international economic comparisons. This issue finds that a recovery is in sight but that damage from the crisis is likely to be long-lasting.

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Norway has been hit hard by the global economic downturn, even if the decline in output is projected to be less sharp than in other countries. The export sector is severely affected, and domestic demand, mainly investment, is contracting rapidly. Despite this, rising labour costs and higher import prices following depreciation of the krone have kept inflation relatively high. The authorities reacted promptly to problems in financial markets with a number of measures to restore the normal functioning of credit markets and stimulate output.

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