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Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Private Investment

Workshop Proceedings and Key Messages, Helsinki, 16-17 June 2005

The OECD Workshop on Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Private Investment, organised in co-operation with the Finnish Ministry for the Environment, took place in Helsinki on 16-17 June 2005. It provided an opportunity to bring relevant stakeholders together to exchange views and discuss recent experiences regarding private investment that contributes to the solution of global environmental problems.

This report has two parts: the key messages emerging from the workshop (Part I) and a summary of the presentations and discussions (Part II). It builds upon presentations by, and discussions among, workshop participants who represented national governments, MEA Secretariats and implementing agencies, businesses, international governmental and non-governmental organisations, research institutes and other stakeholder groups.

For background information, please see "Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Private Investment: Business Contribution to Addressing Global Environmental Problems", published as Document No. 387 in OECD Papers, Vol. 5, Issue 2.


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