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Monitoring Environmental Expenditure in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

Implementing the OECD/Eurostat Standards in the Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine

The document reports on the activities and outcomes of the project for strengthening the existing environmental expenditure information systems in the Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine. This work was conducted within the framework of the EAP Task Force and implemented by the Task Force secretariat at OECD. These activities have involved an analysis of the current system of environmental expenditure reporting and its compatibility with OECD/Eurostat definitions and classifications, the development of draft reporting forms, instructions and procedures, and a first data collection survey based on OECD/Eurostat methodological standards. Project tasks have been undertaken by a team of international and national consultants in close cooperation with Ministries of Environment and National Statistics Committees in the respective countries, and OECD EAP Task Force.Part One of the report provides an extended summary of the activities and outcomes of the project. Part Two presents the full Country Reports. Part Three presents a synthesis of the workshop held in Kiev on 12 October 2005 to disseminate project findings to EAP Task Force members from EECCA countries.


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