2020 OECD Economic Surveys: Lithuania 2020

image of OECD Economic Surveys: Lithuania 2020

Lithuania’s economy is performing strongly and converging fast towards the most-developed OECD countries, driven by growing exports and investments and supported by a sound macroeconomic framework as well as a friendly business climate. For the first time since renewed independence, more people are settling in the country than leaving it. The peak of the COVID-19 crisis was one of the mildest in Europe, thanks to a well-functioning health system, effective containment measures and a relatively short lockdown. Yet prosperity is unevenly distributed across people and places. Further reform could help sustain achievements to date. Providing adequate income support for the needy, especially the elderly, and high quality social services, while improving integration into the labour market, could help reduce poverty. Stronger local and regional institutions, better education and skills particularly in rural areas and a more flexible housing market could make regional development more balanced. Finally, strengthening the regulatory framework, reducing the scope of state-owned enterprises and moving towards a low-carbon economy will help raise productivity while ensuring resilient and sustainable growth.


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From Chapter: Key policy insights

Lithuania’s regulatory environment is open and business-friendly


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