Investment by asset

Asset types in this indicator include six groups: dwellings (excluding land); other buildings and structures (roads, bridges, airfields, dams, etc.); transport equipment (ships, trains, aircraft, etc.); other machinery and equipment (ICT equipment, office machinery and hardware, as well as weapons systems etc.); cultivated assets (managed forests, livestock raised for milk production, etc.) and intellectual property products (intangible fixed assets such as R&D, mineral exploration, software and databases, and literary and artistic originals, etc.). "Dwellings" includes "Other buildings and structures" for Chile. "Cultivated assets" are not capitalised for Canada and the United States. "Ownership transfer costs" are included in the total assets but not in the breakdown for Australia and South Africa. The United Kingdom has improved its valuation of artistic originals, based on the sum of costs approach. In Israel, Norway, Colombia and India, weapon system are excluded from "Machinery and equipment and weapons systems". Iceland and Korea, record "ICT equipment " in "Other machinery and equipment and weapons systems" as well as in Intellectual Property Products only for Korea though. In Colombia, Intellectual property products includes the costs of ownership transfer on non-produced assets. In Russia, before 1995, Gross fixed capital formation includes acquisition less disposals of valuables. This indicator is measured as percentage of total gross fixed capital formation. Main assets are measured as a percentage of total gross fixed capital formation. All OECD countries compile their data according to the 2008 System of National Accounts (SNA).

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Keywords: gross fixed capital formation, investment, gfcf