Global Scenarios 2035

Exploring Implications for the Future of Global Collaboration and the OECD

In the face of rapid change and high uncertainty, organisations must prepare for the unexpected. This report explores three scenarios – Multitrack World, Virtual Worlds, and Vulnerable World – and their possible implications for the future of global collaboration and for organisations such as the OECD. It includes emerging changes and trends that could affect the world in unpredictable ways over the next fifteen years, and offers potential strategic considerations and action areas aimed at ensuring the OECD’s agility, resilience and future-readiness. Prepared by the OECD’s Strategic Foresight Unit to commemorate the Organisation’s 60th anniversary, the report is intended to stimulate dialogue among all those sharing an interest in preparing the OECD to meet the evolving needs of the global community in the face of a highly dynamic and uncertain future.

20 May 2021 26 pages English Also available in: French

Author(s): OECD