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Fostering strong and relevant skills in Iceland

Strong and relevant skills are vital for helping Iceland to adjust to rapidly changing technology and competition in the world economy and safeguard high prosperity and well-being. Many students, especially those with an immigration background, lack solid core skills and competences that weakens the skills-base. Vocational and tertiary education do not always provide skills needed by the labour market. A comprehensive approach is required to strengthen skills, based on systematic assessment and forecasting exercises. This should include measures to improve teaching quality, including through stronger professional development, and ensure its equitable distribution; strengthen the work-based component of vocational training; and ensure that tertiary education provides the right skills. Beyond education, effective re-skilling and up-skilling programmes, including for immigrant workers, and strong work incentives are essential for further skill development and to help make the best use of existing skills.

This Working Paper relates to the 2019 OECD Economic Survey of Iceland



Keywords: lifelong learning, immigrants, Iceland, skills, education, vocational education and training, professional development, mismatch, work incentives
JEL: J24: Labor and Demographic Economics / Demand and Supply of Labor / Human Capital; Skills; Occupational Choice; Labor Productivity; J15: Labor and Demographic Economics / Demographic Economics / Economics of Minorities, Races, Indigenous Peoples, and Immigrants; Non-labor Discrimination; I28: Health, Education, and Welfare / Education and Research Institutions / Education: Government Policy; I24: Health, Education, and Welfare / Education and Research Institutions / Education and Inequality; I20: Health, Education, and Welfare / Education and Research Institutions / Education and Research Institutions: General
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