Eurostat-OECD Manual on Business Demography Statistics

This joint Eurostat and OECD publication provides a detailed description of the sources and methods used by OECD countries to compile the business demography indicators, such as birth death and survival rates of businesses, published by OECD in Structural and Demographic Business Statistics (SDBS).  Furthermore, these measures are key components of the Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme developed jointly by the OECD and Eurostat. 

It is the first manual of its kind that provides for an internationally comparable framework for these increasingly important measures and also provides recommendations for the measurement of indicators not hitherto covered in the SDBS publication, such as indicators of high-growth enterprises and young high-growth enterprises (gazelles).

25 Jan 2008 102 pages English 9789264041882 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD and Statistical Office of the European Communities