2012 Études économiques de l'OCDE : République slovaque 2012

image of Études économiques de l'OCDE : République slovaque 2012

Études économiques de l'OCDE : République slovaque 2012 examine les développements récents, la politique et les perspectives économiques de ce pays. Ce rapport étudie plus en détail comment améliorer le cadre budgétaire et comment investir efficacement dans l'éducation et dans les politiques actives du marché du travail.

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Statistiques de base de la République slovaque, 2011

The OECD average is reported in parentheses

This Survey is published on the responsibility of the Economic and Development Review Committee (EDRC) of the OECD, which is charged with the examination of the economic situation of member countries.The economic situation and policies of the Slovak Republic were reviewed by the Committee on 22 October 2012. The draft report was then revised in the light of the discussions and given final approval as the agreed report of the whole Committee on 13 November 2012.The Secretariat’s draft report was prepared for the Committee by Caroline Klein under the supervision of Andreas Wörgötter. Statistical assistance was provided by Béatrice Guérard. The Survey also benefitted from consultancy work by Robert Price, Gabriel Machlica, štefan Kišš, Matej šiškovič and Jarko Fidrmuc.The previous Survey of the Slovak Republic was issued in November 2010.

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