Estudios económicos de la OCDE: México 2013

image of Estudios económicos de la OCDE: México 2013

El Estudio Económico de México 2013 de la OCDE revisa el desenvolvimiento, las políticas y las perspectivas económicas  e incluye un capítulo especial que aborda el mejoramiento de las relaciones en el federalismo fiscal.

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Resumen ejecutivo

The new government has set an ambitious course of economic and social reforms (a key element of which is its recent Pacto por México), for which it has obtained broad political support. The policies of the past several years have positioned the country well in terms of macroeconomic and financial performance, but economic growth remains insufficient and more needs to be done to improve well-being. This Economic Survey puts forward reforms aimed to achieve higher income levels and better social conditions in Mexico.

Spanish English, French

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