4 Volume 4, Issue 11

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368. Series on the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds No. 12

Consensus Document on Compositional Considerations for New Varieties of Barley

(Hordeum Vulgare L.): Key Food and Feed Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients

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369. OECD Series on Emission Scenario Documents No. 10

Emission Scenario Document on Lubricants and Lubricant Additives

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370. OECD Series on Emission Scenario Documents No. 11

Emission Scenario Document on Coating Application via Spray-painting in the

Automotive Refinishing Industry

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371. OECD Series on Emission Scenario Documents No. 12

Emission Scenario Document on Metal Finishing

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372. OECD Series on Testing and Assessment No. 20

Guidance Document for Neurotoxicity Testing

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373. Série sur les Principes de bonnes pratiques de laboratoire et vérification du respect de

ces principes n° 14

Document indicatif du Sous groupe de l’OCDE sur les bonnes pratiques de laboratoire :

Application des Principes des BPL aux études in vitro

17 Jan 2005 415 pages French Also available in: English


Author(s): OECD