2 Volume 2, Issue 1

Table des matières

77. Clearing the Air in India: The Economics of Climate Policy with Ancillary Benefits, by Maurizio Bussolo and David O’Connor (en anglais seulement)

78. Globalisation, Poverty and Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Political Economy Appraisal, by Yvonne M. Tsikata (en anglais seulement)

79. Distribution and Growth in Latin America in an Era of Structural Reform: the Impact of Globalisation, by Samuel A. Morley (en anglais seulement)

80. Globalisation, Growth and Income Inequality: The African Experience, by Steve Kayizzi-Mugenwa (en anglais seulement)

81. The Social Impact of Globalisation in Southeast Asia, by Mari Pangestu (en anglais seulement)

82. Where does Inequality Come from? Ideas and Implications for Latin America, by James A. Robinson (en anglais seulement)

83. Labour Market and Social Policy. Public Support for Retirement Income Reform, by Peter Hicks (en anglais seulement)

84. Labour Market and Social Policy. An Assessment of the Performance of the Japanese Health Care System, by Hyoung-Sun Jeong and Jeremy Hurst (en anglais seulement)

85. Labour Market and Social Policy. Age of Withdrawal from the Labour Force in OECD Countries, by Peter Sherer (en anglais seulement)

21 Mar 2002 462 pages French Also available in: English


Author(s): OECD