Harmonised consumer price indices by purpose

HICPs are available at the most aggregate level: HICP All Items (COICOP/HICP 01-12 - Classification of individual consumption by purpose adapted to the needs of HICPs) and with a breakdown in 12 COICOP-HICP Divisions. HICP data are available at a monthly frequency for OECD-European Union Member States, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. For the United-States, a proxy-HICP is also available.

The annual expenditure weights are also available for the 12 COICOP/HICP Divisions (except for the United-States). Weights are defined as the proportion of total household expenditure spent on a given product during the weight reference period. The weights reported under year 'y' are those used for the computation of HICPs in year 'y' (e.g. the weights reported for the year 2015 are those used for the computation of the HICP in 2015).

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