National Accounts at a Glance (Edition 2015)

This dataset comprises indicators on gross domestic product (GDP, GDP per capita), income (net national income per capita, net saving rate, real household net disposable income, earnings and wages), expenditure (investment, consumption expenditure), corporate, production (gross value added), international trade, general government (government spending, financial net worth, social contributions, social protection, public debt) and capital (net capital stock, financial assets of households, household debt). Data are internationally comparable by following the System of National Accounts 1993 (SNA 1993). Data are expressed in different measures and are provided from 1970 onwards.

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Keywords: household, value added, consumption expenditure, statistics, financial assets, GDP, household debt, government spending, disposable income, production, economic growth, debt, capital stock, gross domestic product, revenue, investment, national accounts, income, public spending, government