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The OECD Observer online archive takes you on a journey through half a century of public policy and world progress.

Since November 1962, the OECD’s experts and leading guests offer insights on the questions facing our member countries with concise and authoritative analysis, and provide our audiences with an excellent opportunity to understand policy debates and consider solutions.

Each edition of the OECD Observer reports on a core theme of the OECD’s on-going work, from economics and society through governance, finance, and the environment, and articles are bolstered by tables and graphs.

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Blending finance for climate and poverty

Ending poverty and combating climate change: two years after the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement, these interrelated challenges remain as daunting as ever, not least in developing countries. The investment required to meet the task runs into the trillions of dollars over the next 15 years, and current spending is insufficient. So how can we finance climate and development action, and as quickly as possible? A summit to check progress on fighting climate change in Paris in December focused on this very question.


Keywords: environment, development, climate change, blended finance, finance, economics, investment
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