OECD Journal: Economic Studies

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OECD Journal: Economic Studies publishes articles in the area of economic policy analysis, applied economics and statistical analysis, generally with an international or cross-country dimension. It draws significantly on economic papers produced by the OECD Economics Department, other parts of the OECD Secretariat and the Organisation’s intergovernmental committees.


Are ICT Users More Innovative?

an Analysis of ICT-Enabled Innovation in OECD Firms

The aim of this study is to assess the effects of information and communications technologies (ICTs) on firms’ capabilities to innovate in a selection of OECD countries. Our findings support the hypothesis that ICTs act as an enabler of innovation, particularly for product and marketing innovation, in both manufacturing and services. However, we did not find any evidence that ICT use increases the capability of a firm to co-operate, to develop innovation in-house or to introduce products new to the market. These results suggest that ICTs enable firms to adopt innovation but they do not increase their “inventive” capabilities.


Keywords: Conditional Maximum Likelihood, ICT, Innovation, micro data
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