A Systemic Recovery

image of A Systemic Recovery

New economic thinking and acting through a systemic approach could outline policy alternatives to tackle the global-scale systemic challenges of financial, economic, social and environmental emergencies, and help steer our recovery out of the current crisis. A systemic recovery requires an economic approach that balances several factors – markets and states, efficiency and resilience, growth and sustainability, national and global stability, short-term emergency measures and long-term structural change. To achieve this, we need to think beyond our policy silos, comprehend our interconnections, and build resilience into our systems.


Build Back Brainier: Base Policies on Brain Science

This chapter presents a conceptual asset, Brain Capital, to inform novel policies. The concept builds on previous work, the Brain Capital Grand Strategy, that considers Brain Capital in all policies and offers a comprehensive investment plan and the development of an index or a dashboard. The premise, enablers, and barriers towards a Brain Capital Building Policy Agenda are outlined. Engagement with communities is proposed, and approaches for educating policymakers are described. Brain Capital building policies should be considered in sectors such as human development, migration, gender issues, social justice, multi-cultural affairs, economics, protections, and international relations. Novel approaches for public investment including brain bonds and social impact investing are considered.


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